Youtube video ‘An Evening with Dementia’ 

Trevor T. Smith  Trained:  East 15 Acting School(1963 - 66)

Selected Stage Credits

Geoffry   “Stepping Out”  Duke of Yorks/West End,  Julia Mackenzie

Zamariaki  “Marquis of Keith”    RSC Aldwych,     Ronald Eyre

Jonas Fogg   “Sweeny Todd”   National Tour,       Ken Parrott

Hotel Pianist  “Ceremonies”  Lift at the Place,    Dominique Leconte

Touchstone “Eastwood Ho!”   New Mermaid,      Robert Chetwyn

Lionel Frush       “Thark”        National Tour,      Ken Parrott

Seth        “The Hired Man”  Southampton Rep.,       David Gilmore

Dame  “Sinbad, The Sailor” Theatre Workshop Strat.East  Ken Hill

Tribulation Wholesome  “The Alchemist” Nott. Playhouse,

                                                                                          Richard Eyre

Many parts    “Nuts”  Theatre Royal,    Stratford East,

                                                                                        Joan Littlewood

Joe  “The Daughter-In-Law”  Nott. Playhouse      Stuart Burge

Newman Noggs “Nickleby and Me”, Theatre Royal,   Strat. East

                                                                                        Ned Sherrin

The Narrator    “Caucasion Chalk Circle”    Birmingham Rep.

                                                                                         Howard Davies

Gratiano  “Merchant of Venice”  Nott. Playhouse,  Josh Denevor

Gemellus   “ I,  Cladius”, Queens Theatre/West End,

                                                                                           Tony Richardson

Dapper    “The Alchemist”            Old Vic               Stuart Burge

Slender    “Merry Wives of Windsor”   Mermaid.    Bernard Miles

Alwa        “Lulu”        Nottingham Playhouse          Stuart Burge

Duke of Bergundy   “King Lear”       Old Vic         Jonathan Miller

            Selected Television Credits

Martin Wayfield  “Rumpole - Right to Silence”  Julian Amyes

German Soldier (many episodes)        “Allo Allo”        David Croft

The Mad Monk    “The Changling”        BBC,      Anthony Page

Rehearsal Pianist   “On Your Way Riley”  Yorks TV,  John Glenister

Captain Ohm   “Private Schultz”   BBC          Robert  Chetwyn

Shouvaloff      “Disreali”          ATV        Claude Whatham

Cole       “Prince Regent”        BBC                Michael Simpson

The Journalist   “The Price”         Channel 4         Peter Hammond

The Bank Manager    “Gems”   Thames Television        Stuart Orhm

Church Organist     “The Blue Dress”   BBC         Peter Hammond

     Selected Film Credits

Perkins  “The Captain’s Doll” BBC/German TV Claude Whatham

An Aristocrat  “Savage Messiah”  Ken Russell Co.     Ken Russell

Rivers    “Murder is Easy”    Warner Bros.      Claude Whatham

Breznev’s Secretary  “Squaring the Circle”  TVS,     Mike Hodges

The Photographer         “Buddy’s Song”         Claude Whatham

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