Audience comments from Fringe productions.

I saw the show last weekend and was moved to tears several times , the portrayal of dementia was done with such care, honesty, dignity and humour. A wonderful performance and well worth going to see even if the title could be slightly off putting for some. Thanks again.

I just saw this at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and was absolutely floored. This man's timing, mannerisms, and delivery were absolutely gorgeous. At the end of the show, I was so moved that I just wanted to sit in my seat and digest everything that had just been presented. I was lucky enough to see Mr. Smith on the Mile afterwards and was able to say how brilliant that I thought his show was. If you don't go and see this show, you are truly missing out on a great piece of theatre. 

Tuesday 10th August 2010

Fantastic play which is a poignant account of a man suffering from dementia. Humourous insight into the mind of a man with dementia which will touch your heart. Anyone who knows someone who has dementia will really appreciate this fantastic actor.