Audience responses from a performance in Stroud at the Space posted on the internet.

"An Evening with Dementia" is moving, insightful and infused with humour. It went down a storm here in Stroud in our local community venue. Do yourself a favour and get a new angle on the quirky and playful inner life of one not suffering but celebrating dementia!


Denys Thompson, Stroud – 15 July 2010, 11:42pm

“This is a poignant, accurate and very funny cameo of what faces us all, whether we are player or observer. Trevor T. Smith says as much about the mind in old age as he does about how we perceive such conditions, and how we behave towards them. His piece makes us laugh, and while entertaining us, it gives us pause, and allows us to reflect.”

Cate Charter S.R.N. – 15 July 2010, 11:59pm

Anyone carrying for a dementia sufferer should certainly see this play!